You begin to have a broader, clearer view of what is real once you diminish the clouded fantasy within your own mind. Your expectations and timeframes become just that. An expectation that once led you to disappointment and a timeframe that likely derived from some kind of social standpoint and was quite honestly somewhat unrealistic, because in all honesty not all two lives are the same. When you step back from the position of wanting to be in full control, the pilot to this inexplicable life, you realize the only certainty is in this: there is no saying how and when things will turn out for you. YOU solely have control over today. Here and now. 

A breath of fresh air.

How sweet it is to finally be here. Where things can go wrong and you don’t allow them to knock you down, rather, you allow it to serve as a lesson to strive further in being the best version of yourself. To let the situations that used to come off as burdens and curses to you to finally be as an experience or lesson that things are just as they need to be. That it is your mindset of all that has happened in which dominates your present and your future. That the things you go through do not define you but the way you choose to react absolutely does. This is liberation, THIS is life. It’s been a year, but I’m here and I’m stronger and I’m better than ever. But wait, this is only the beginning.

Gasping for air.

It was something nice, something new, like a breath of fresh air. After so much chaos, this would be it. The moment and the one you’ve been waiting for. Wrong.

For so long, you believed to be under water. Racing toward the surface for a gasp of air. Similar to that feeling of finally making it out alive in a tragic story. Where you fend for your life. But instead of fending for your life, you were fending for inner peace and overall stability. Why was this so hard? Do you drag on the earlier years of your life more than you imagined?

You make your way out of bed every morning. Same routine, multiple days a week. Creating a schedule of determination in which all you have to do is comply to succeed. Still wrong. Feelings of stagnant. When you look back, given, you’ve grown, progressed. But in this moment, you are not enough. Not where you should be (so you think).

Not enough. You modify and adjust the areas that were once preventing you from moving further along. But it still isn’t enough. Work in progress.




You’ve heard it before, it is everything. Have you ever pondered the thought of why it is so frequently stated that what you believe, you’ll ultimately attract? The laws of attraction, positive karma, blessings? Or even negative outcomes, unfortunate events, etc… Only to realize, it all comes back to one thing: one’s perception and how they manage it.

As a child, you’re filled with innocence and purity, having little to no hardships. When you slowly begin to evolve into adulthood, you’re faced with a number of challenges. As we hurdle through each obstacle, whether it be big or small, it becomes solely our responsibility in how we choose to handle each given circumstance. Our perception: how we react and our determination of the given scenario along with our expectation of it. As individuals, we’ll usually react with an emotional response. Some of us may suppress it, while others may overly succumb to the emotion at hand. So how do we regulate our emotions in a healthy manner?

You must learn that there is no such thing as a perfect life. Begin to accept that not everyday will be ideally perfect and that life is in fact made up of the ups and the downs, not merely the ups. There will be moments that will lag more than others and days when you feel like you just can’t. When this happens, be mindful. Allow yourself to sit with those feelings that may make you feel uncomfortable and know that just like any other, this moment will also not last forever.

Hello, again.

When I began this blog a little more over a year ago, I had no actual idea of the direction in which I wanted to take. Did I want to “blog” or did I just want to have a published area where I can share what I would typically just jot down in a journal? I would generally write and text the material over to my mother or sister when I felt I had a “good writing day” and share. Their reactions are what inspired me to look into a platform, aside from my daily use of Instagram, where I could not only share photos, but topics in which I imagined could be relative to a group of readers. After being inactive for nearly a year, and having the opportunity of finding growth in my personal life, I’ve decided that I would like to share not only my thoughts, but what I’ve discovered and enjoyed within the last year. With that being said, I would like to briefly introduce myself. I’m Yezzel, a quarter century young woman currently living in none other than Miami, FL. I am profoundly in love with music as I am a frustrated, aspiring singer. I adore all things music from the instrumental piano all the way down to the creative and beautiful movement of dance. Aside from the life that’s displayed on my social media accounts, which find me at the beach the majority of the time, I am a full-time nursing student in the medical field of psychiatry. In addition to my educational vocation, I am employed full time at a Behavioral Health (psychiatric) unit at a local hospital. In between an imaginably hectic work and school curriculum, I try to squeeze in as many gym sessions as I possibly can, being a part-time fitness junkie. Ultimately, my goal is to be able to connect with readers who tend to find difficulty in managing a balanced way of living, while providing tips that can aid in maintaining a healthy (being both mental and physical) lifestyle. Alternatively, I will sporadically share what I find to be insightful messages. I hope to reach and inspire others while continuing to creatively develop myself as an individual. Join me on a path of finding, exploring, and becoming a better version of yourself.

Be your own world.

You know those moments where you’re in a class for several hours and your attention span just seems to give up for a quick second? One evening, about half way into a three-hour course of Sociology, the words just struck at me and quickly brought me back in. I hadn’t heard something so accurate in quite a while.

“Don’t ever make anyone your whole world. There’s three things people do that are inevitable:

They move, they change and they die.”

As human beings, we feed off connections. As we connect with other people, we sometimes begin to lose our sense of self. We begin to adapt to others’ habits and behaviors and we may even inherit some along the way. You may find that there commences to be a decline in the things you once enjoyed while there’s an increase in other things which truly never really caught your attention; But you’ll do it anyway, because ideally, your desire for connection becomes stronger than your desire to remain in solitude.  Ultimately, you become selfless. When this begins to happen, remind yourself to pick those things up again. Always keep a balance between what you love vs. who you love. And always remember to love yourself first and foremost.

Dearest Hello to 2017


It is the beginning of a new year, “a fresh start”, as many would call it. Although, in reality, every day is a fresh start, there is something about the end of a year or first day of the upcoming year that brings a tingle to your being. It makes many of us feel invincible and as most like to express: “This will be my year”.

Ringing in the new year this year was a little different than usual for me. I rang it in with most of my loved ones in a different country. This gave me an even larger sense of invincibility when greeting 2017. Looking over the mountains, in which we have none of back where I reside, seeing the incredible amounts of opportunity and endless beauty that the world and life itself has to offer was such an incredible feeling; a real eye opener.

Now, for myself, 2016 was not a terrible year as many claimed it to be. It was a year of much loss, but it just made me yearn for more. I learned plenty which allowed me to grow and for me, growth is one of the best things one can experience in order to proceed moving forward and further succeed. Ultimately, I am so incredibly excited for this year. I believe its going to be a great one for many of us. As long as you put the work in, the result should be nothing short of amazing. So, Happy 2017 to everyone and make sure you make every single day count!



Trust in the Vibe

Energy doesn’t lie.

Ever been in a situation where your intuition is signaling one thing, but you go against its warning? How did that end up for you? I’ll guess, probably not as you had hoped. Perhaps you found yourself self-pitying once things got sour. Now, have you ever been in a situation where you were presented with that bad energy and decided to steer clear? That choice probably served you damn right.

If you’ve ever had to question whether or not someone should be a part of your life, the answer is within the question itself. If the concern ever persists, there is usually always a reason. Trust the vibe and cut the imaginary chain. Life is too full of unbelievably good energies to allow anyone or anything to eliminate you from having it; And good vibrations will always follow good vibrations.