Gasping for air.

It was something nice, something new, like a breath of fresh air. After so much chaos, this would be it. The moment and the one you’ve been waiting for. Wrong.

For so long, you believed to be under water. Racing toward the surface for a gasp of air. Similar to that feeling of finally making it out alive in a tragic story. Where you fend for your life. But instead of fending for your life, you were fending for inner peace and overall stability. Why was this so hard? Do you drag on the earlier years of your life more than you imagined?

You make your way out of bed every morning. Same routine, multiple days a week. Creating a schedule of determination in which all you have to do is comply to succeed. Still wrong. Feelings of stagnant. When you look back, given, you’ve grown, progressed. But in this moment, you are not enough. Not where you should be (so you think).

Not enough. You modify and adjust the areas that were once preventing you from moving further along. But it still isn’t enough. Work in progress.



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