Hello, again.

When I began this blog a little more over a year ago, I had no actual idea of the direction in which I wanted to take. Did I want to “blog” or did I just want to have a published area where I can share what I would typically just jot down in a journal? I would generally write and text the material over to my mother or sister when I felt I had a “good writing day” and share. Their reactions are what inspired me to look into a platform, aside from my daily use of Instagram, where I could not only share photos, but topics in which I imagined could be relative to a group of readers. After being inactive for nearly a year, and having the opportunity of finding growth in my personal life, I’ve decided that I would like to share not only my thoughts, but what I’ve discovered and enjoyed within the last year. With that being said, I would like to briefly introduce myself. I’m Yezzel, a quarter century young woman currently living in none other than Miami, FL. I am profoundly in love with music as I am a frustrated, aspiring singer. I adore all things music from the instrumental piano all the way down to the creative and beautiful movement of dance. Aside from the life that’s displayed on my social media accounts, which find me at the beach the majority of the time, I am a full-time nursing student in the medical field of psychiatry. In addition to my educational vocation, I am employed full time at a Behavioral Health (psychiatric) unit at a local hospital. In between an imaginably hectic work and school curriculum, I try to squeeze in as many gym sessions as I possibly can, being a part-time fitness junkie. Ultimately, my goal is to be able to connect with readers who tend to find difficulty in managing a balanced way of living, while providing tips that can aid in maintaining a healthy (being both mental and physical) lifestyle. Alternatively, I will sporadically share what I find to be insightful messages. I hope to reach and inspire others while continuing to creatively develop myself as an individual. Join me on a path of finding, exploring, and becoming a better version of yourself.

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